Middle Indigo Primary School achieves excellent academic results which are consistently higher than the state and ‘like school’ averages. The curriculum is broad and innovative, whilst still emphasising the importance of literacy and numeracy.

The staff at Middle Indigo Primary School are enthusiastic and committed to their profession, implementing programs that are up to date with the most recent developments in research and practice and targeted to the student’s individual needs.

There is a whole school team approach to planning, implementation and evaluation ensuring individual programs are designed for each child, catering for those who need additional support through specialist programs, as well as those children who can be extended.

Students enjoy an enriching curriculum including:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information Technology
  • Science
  • Humanities – History / Geography
  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Library
  • Physical Education
  • Music