The Great Victorian Bike Ride

The Great Victorian Bike Ride

Holy Smoke! On Wednesday Middle Indigo welcomed three thousand five hundred bike riders to our school. Our boundless fundraising team and our parents were armed with 1500 Zooper Dooper, 400 sausages, so many biscuits and cakes and a slightly asthmatic popcorn machine.

Riders participating in The Great Victorian Bike Ride started arriving by mid-morning and continued through to mid arvo on their way through to Rutherglen. Our school was prepared with flashy bike art installations, re-configured signs, bunting and a number of Bike Education signs that confused everyone.

Traditional MIPS welcome

The MIPS team set up a beautiful array of stalls with plenty of decoration and very determined parents. Soon the school was inundated with cyclists of all sorts. Students welcomed the riders at the gate and we had a fantastic response from our welcome. A breakaway group of students filled a barrow with goodies and moved amongst the guests selling more Zooper Doopers and drinks. Students intermingled, shared stories of the school and learnt a few things from the riders. Many people donated to the school just because of the terrific welcome.

Just as soon as they arrived it was all packed up and they were gone.

Well done Middle Indigo Community!

Click here to see the photos of this amazing day

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